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40 chances to become a Millionaire for just $1 + 100% Match Bonus Up to $200


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How do we find TOP rated online slots casinos for you

Online casinos are very popular nowadays. However, among the huge number of websites, it is sometimes very difficult to choose a platform where the players will not only play but also receive their winnings. Slots, being the most popular game of choice in online casinos, are what most of the people are looking for. We prepared some valuable tips that will help you to make the right choice of online casinos for playing slots and get the most positive emotions from the game.

1. Analyze the Website

First, you need to make sure that the company itself is credible. After that, you can move on to determining if it is a good platform to play slots. Searches begin when you first access the website of the casino. Remember that the more complex the site, the more games it will have. Now, this could match your idea of ​​what an online casino should be, making it a trustworthy institution. One-day sites created by scammers only have one purpose: rob you at the slightest opportunity. They do not usually have good websites. Pay attention to when the website was updated. If the last information was added several years ago, it is better to stay away from such an organization.

2. Analyze the Domain

To do this, check the address of the Internet casino site through any service that pops up when you search”Site Analysis”. It will allow you to find out the most important thing: How long has the online casino existed. Experience in the market is the best indicator.

3.Find out Markets of the Casino

While on the website, try to find out how many countries this online casino supports. Remember that in the overwhelming majority of EU countries, the activities of online gambling institutions are monitored by a special commission. It punishes anyone who is suspected of fraud. And therefore, if the casino works only for players in Eastern Europe or Asian countries, then it is better not to get involved.

4. Check the Reviews

Also, try to check the site’s traffic. The larger it is, the better the reputation of the casino since no one wants to be a client of a scam organization. Pay attention to the reviews. But be very careful and only trust reviews on forums that do not contain a link to the casino. Remember that 80% of positive reviews for online casinos can be paid advertising or an attempt by some bloggers to turn you into referrals of their affiliate program.

5. Analyze the Bonus System

You should also pay attention to the bonuses that the casino offers. It is a popular way of attracting a new audience, and we always recommend that users make the most of it. Usually, good platforms have deposit bonuses and demo accounts. For instance, Cosmo Casino will give you 150 free chances of winning a jackpot after making a minimum deposit of 10$. You will have free spins and opportunities to better your skills.

6. Try Your Own Luck

Take the risk of losing 5-10 dollars. This amount is often more than enough to understand who you are dealing with: whether it is honest internet entrepreneurs who comply with the laws for gambling establishments or scam casinos that will never let you withdraw the money won. Your main goal here is finding out if you have a chance to win with chips worth $10.

7. Read Rules and Conditions

Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of the casino you want to register in. Pay attention to if the casino has set a certain limit on the withdrawal of your funds (this limit can be either a minimum or maximum amount of money that you are able to withdraw). If so, stop the registration process immediately. Such restrictions violate your right to manage your funds the way you see fit.

Only after you made sure that the company is not a scam can you move on to check details about its slots. First, assess the variety of the slot machines provided. There should be several hundred options to choose from. After that, make sure that the platform features both progressive and direct slots. Although we do not recommend playing progressive slots for beginners, it is important for the company to have them available. You need to also pay attention to the graphics. Slot machines have many bright icons and they should be pleasant to look at. It is also a good sign if a company owns several exclusive slot machines. For instance, Cosmo Casino offers two unique slot machines that cannot be found anywhere.

To conclude, finding a good casino for playing slots can be challenging. The number of scam companies is sky-rocketing. That is why you need to pay attention to the company’s credibility first, and then the condition of its slots.